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CelWel: An Ayurvedic Breakthrough for Post-COVID Symptoms

Results from a Clinical Study

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact worldwide, causing side effects from hastily developed drugs. The long-term effects of COVID-19, often referred to as post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) or long COVID, with symptoms like fatigue and brain fog, affected millions. CelWel, a natural remedy, was developed to address these issues. In a clinical study with 15 patients in Bangalore, 12 experienced significant improvement in symptoms and daily function after using CelWel. It also improved immunity and reduced immune-related complications. This article explores CelWel, an Ayurvedic remedy that shows promise in alleviating post-COVID symptoms and enhancing immunity biomarkers.

The Ayurvedic Secret: CelWel

Amidst the pursuit of a solution to PASC, we uncovered an Ayurvedic secret known as CelWel.This natural remedy utilizes ingredients renowned for their effectiveness in treating post-COVID and long COVID symptoms. With a mission to share this knowledge with the world, we conducted a clinical study in Bangalore to establish the efficacy of CelWel.

Clinical Study and Results:

The clinical study involved 15 patients who were experiencing symptoms of PASC. To ensure accurate evaluation, we employed the only FDA-approved test for long COVID. The study subjects underwent the blood test before the trial, on day 7 after the trial began, and again on day 15. After incorporating CelWel into their routine, 12 out of the 15 patients reported significant improvements in their symptoms, experiencing reduced fatigue and an enhanced ability to carry out daily activities.

Promising Biomarker Changes:

To gain further insight into the impact of CelWel, we analyzed specific biomarkers associated with COVID-19 and its complications. Our findings were encouraging:
– CL5 Expression: Low CCL5 levels indicate reduced innate immunity and are associated with severe COVID symptoms. 10 out of the 15 patients demonstrated a significant increase in CCL5 expression after using CelWel, suggesting a bolstering of their immune system.
– Interferon Gamma Expression: Interferon gamma plays a crucial role in triggering the host immune response, often leading to immune-based complications in COVID-19. 11 out of the 15 patients exhibited a significant drop in their interferon gamma expression after taking CelWel, indicating a potential mitigation of immune-related issues.


Biomarker Changes


# of patients (of 15) demonstrating benefit using CelWel

CL3 Expression Immunity 10
Interferon Gamma Expression Immune response 11
Self-reported Reduced fatigue and an enhanced ability to carry out daily activities (self reported) 12
Baseline Cytokine Analysis PASC cytokine scores 12
PASC Severe forms of PASC 2

Study Design and Methodology:

The study was conducted with the participation of 15 patients diagnosed with PASC. Each patient provided informed consent after receiving comprehensive information about the research study, which had received formal approval from the institutional review board (IRB). Baseline cytokine analysis was performed on blood samples collected from all participants using the Incellkine kit from IncelDx Inc. This kit, designed for long COVID diagnostics, boasts over 90% accuracy and remains effective despite the emergence of different COVID-19 variants. The IncellKINE test utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to measure and analyze inflammatory markers called cytokines and chemokines, providing objective disease scores for long COVID.
Throughout the study, symptom scores for PASC were recorded both at baseline and one week after consuming CelWel. Patients were educated on how to take CelWel, and the initial doses were administered at the clinic. After two weeks of treatment, patients were requested to return to the clinic to evaluate compliance, return their bottles, and assess their symptom scores. A second blood sample was collected from each patient to measure cytokine levels post-CelWel consumption.

Conclusion on Study

In conclusion, our study successfully demonstrated both statistically and clinically significant improvements in PASC symptom scores. These improvements correlated with a noticeable change in inflammatory cytokine scores. CelWel proved to be a natural remedy that showed potential in alleviating post-COVID symptoms and restoring overall well-being. It offers hope to individuals grappling with the long-term effects of COVID-19.

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