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78% Recommend CelWel for Recovery from Long COVID

A Market Research Study

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many individuals battling with lingering symptoms, even after recovering from the virus. In an effort to address this issue, Celwel released an ayurvedic cure, made with 100% natural ingredients, that not only helps fight the lingering effects of COVID, but also boosts immunity. A market research study was conducted in Bangalore to evaluate the effectiveness of CelWel in alleviating long COVID symptoms. The results were promising, indicating significant improvements in symptom severity (61% reported feeling better within 5-8 days of taking CelWel) and high levels of recommendation from participants (78% rated it 8+ when asked if they would recommend it). Let’s delve into the details of this study and its implications.

Study Mechanics:

The study involved 117 respondents who had previously tested positive for COVID-19 and reported persistent symptoms such as fatigue, breathlessness, and body ache.
The study identified the most prevalent symptoms experienced by the participants, which included low energy, cough, headache, body ache, breathlessness, exhaustion, loss of smell, and sore throat. These symptoms had a significant impact on the daily lives of the respondents.


Top Symptoms (Before CelWel)

Low energy 69%
Cough 69%
Headache 65
Body ache 64%
Breathless 37%
Exhaustion 37%
Loss of smell 35%
Sore throat 30%

Infrequent Symptoms (BeforeCelWel)

Diarrhoea, Nausea, Rashes 12%
Brain confusion 11%
Red eyes 3%

The individuals were asked to rate the severity of their symptoms on a 5-point scale before receiving CelWel. Using a 5-point scale, participants rated the severity of their symptoms before and after taking CelWel. The severest symptoms reported were exhaustion, body ache, breathlessness, low energy, and loss of smell. These symptoms had a notable impact on the overall well-being of the respondents.


Symptoms rated highest on severity before CelWel (5-point scale)

Exhaustion 3.28
Bodyache 3.13
Breathlessness 2.97
Low energy 2.97
Loss of smell 2.97

CelWel Intervention:

Participants were provided with a package of CelWel and instructed to take it as directed for a period of 8 days. After completing the regimen, they were asked to rate the severity of their symptoms once again, allowing researchers to assess the impact of CelWel on symptom relief.The study observed a remarkable improvement in symptom severity after participants used CelWel for 8 days. The most significant reductions were recorded for exhaustion, loss of smell, body ache, headache, and breathlessness. These findings indicated that CelWel played a crucial role in alleviating long COVID symptoms.


Symptoms rated highest on severity
Before CelWel

Maximum severity drop recorded After CelWel

Exhaustion 3.28 Exhaustion 1.37
Loss of smell 2.97 Loss of smell 1.36
Bodyache 3.13 Bodyache 1.33
Breathlessness 2.97 Breathlessness 1.21
Low energy 2.97 Low energy 1.13


A majority of the respondents (61%) reported feeling better within 5-8 days of taking CelWel, while 39% experienced improvements within 1-4 days. This suggests that CelWel has the potential to provide relief relatively quickly, enhancing the recovery process for individuals suffering from long COVID symptoms.An impressive 78% of respondents who had taken CelWel rated it 8, 9, or 10 on a 10-point scale when asked if they would recommend it to their family or friends. This high level of satisfaction and endorsement highlights the effectiveness and trustworthiness of CelWel as a potential solution for long COVID symptom relief.The market research study conducted in Bangalore provided compelling evidence of CelWel’s effectiveness in alleviating long COVID symptoms. The significant improvements in symptom severity, coupled with the positive responses from participants, underscore CelWel’s potential as a breakthrough solution. CelWel holds promise in offering relief and restoring the quality of life for those suffering from long COVID symptoms.

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