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What is Covid-19 Brain Fog?

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What is Covid-19 Brain Fog?

Long Covid: Signs that you are suffering from Brain Fog
Brain fog is characterized by confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus or mental clarity.

It is one of the most prevalent symptoms of COVID-19, in addition to fever, cough, breathlessness, and tiredness, not only when you have the active infection, but long after you have tested negative for the virus.

In this post, we will look at why COVID-19 induces brain fog in some people, how frequently it occurs, and when you need to seek medical attention for such neurological difficulty.

COVID-19 brain fog: What is it?

Brain fog is not a recognised medical condition. Instead, it’s a catch-all phrase used to convey the sensation of having a slow, foggy, or disoriented mind, and frequent instances of confusion.

Brain fog symptoms can include:

Memory issuesInability to think clearly Lacking focus and feeling “out of it” Headaches Distraction Confusion Understanding COVID-19-induced brain fog
The coronavirus reaches our cells via an angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor. Being neuroinvasive, the virus can also penetrate your brain tissue. Numerous case studies have revealed that some COVID-19 patients have side effects like encephalopathy, a broad term that refers to brain injury or sickness or altered consciousness. The probable reason for brain fog/brain confusion in COVID-19 survivors is still under investigation by researchers. Both physiological and psychological factors are thought to be responsible.

A January 2021 study discovered elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines in the fluid around people’s brains weeks after their COVID-19 infection. Cytokines are small secreted proteins, produced by the body’s immune system, to counter viral infections. They can cause inflammation and have a specific effect on the interactions and communications between cells. When the virus reaches the brain, such inflammation impairs the neurons’ capacity to communicate with one another, causing brain fog.

In fact, COVID-19 researchers discovered microstructural alterations in the hippocampus and other parts of the brain, changes that, they believe, may potentially contribute to cognitive deficits.

How long does brain fog last?

It is unclear how long brain fog lasts, following COVID-19. Some people claim that their mental fog lasts for weeks or months after their respiratory difficulties have subsided. According to research published in December 2020, approximately 28% of patients reported lasting attention deficits more than 100 days after hospitalization for COVID-19.

In another study, researchers discovered that 55% of patients, who healed from COVID-19, still had neurological problems, 3 months later. Among these symptoms were:

Visual disturbances Mood swings Exhaustion Headaches

How common is Brain Fog?

Researchers are still trying to figure out how frequent brain fog is in individuals who have had COVID-19. According to a recent study, neurological symptoms may be more common than previously assumed, occurring in up to 69 percent of those who have experienced severe illness from COVID-19.

It is still unknown why some people suffer from brain fog while others do not. People with severe COVID-19 appear to be at a higher risk of acquiring neurological symptoms than people with mild illness.

Severe neurological complications in critically ill patients, symptoms such as delirium, seizures, and inflammation of the brain and surrounding tissues, are most common.

When should you consult a doctor regarding your symptoms?

If your mental symptoms are severe enough to interfere with your everyday life or do not improve after a few weeks, you should consult your doctor.

Recovering from COVID-19 brain fog with Ayurveda

The first few months following COVID-19 should be spent attempting to resume one’s daily activities as much as feasible. If you develop a new physical or cognitive symptom after recovering from COVID-19, be patient with yourself and slowly reintroduce the exercise or activity over many weeks. Remember that the brain recovers with time, so don’t become frustrated. Implement the lifestyle adjustments described above, and you may feel comfortable that you are optimizing your recovery potential.

Researchers investigated the antiviral properties of photochemicals for the treatment of Covid-19. The phytochemicals of ayurvedic medicine for immunity and strength, Guduchi showed a binding affinity to the spike proteins in SARS Coronavirus-2, according to the report. This could prevent the virus from replicating and slow it down. Also, any formulation that can restore molecular signalling (or cell to cell communication) disturbed by the cytokines, will help relieve the symptoms of brain fog.

A natural covid immunity booster called CelWel helps the immune system redevelop and combats the symptoms of Long Covid and other disorders. It utilises the power of Molecular Signalling and healing effects of Guduchi for a quicker recovery from chronic fatigue, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, fever, and many other associated ailments. Give your immune system the assistance it needs right now, with CelWel ayurvedic medicine for immunity and strength.

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