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Customer Testimonials

Celwel is an Excellent Product

I highly recommend it for anyone who is facing constant after-effects even after recovering from Covid. I was facing issues such as body pains, headaches and extreme tiredness even after recovering from Covid. But after trying CelWel for around 2 weeks, I found that all my symptoms have reduced. Very pleased with the results


House Wife

Slowly and steadily, it helped me fight back the fatigue

CelWel was recommended to me during a particularly slow recovery from COVID-19. While I had relatively mild symptoms, the weakness, body ache, brain fog and fatigue from the virus continued for several weeks after I tested negative, leaving me unable to function according to my normal routine

Shamani J

Journalist in India

2-day recovery from symptoms

In early September of 2021, I tested positive for Covid. I started feeling sick on Tuesday morning with body aches, shortness of breath, headache and cough. I went to my local minor med clinic and was tested. I immediately contacted my doctor and he told me to take several vitamins and called me in for a cough medicine.

Dan W

Memphis TN

I was on Cloud Nine!

I got the original strain of Covid in early March of 2020. I was so sick that I went into immediate quarantine. I was sleeping 24 hours a day for two weeks. I'm really a healthy, strong person, but this Long Covid has taken me to my knees.

Holly F